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Monday, February 26th, 2018
5:52 AM Japan local time. 
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Low-tech classroom response system

Captur.me is a simple tool to capture the class' understanding or opinions. Encourage every student to stay involved.

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2009 is Heisei 21

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Gender and Power in the Japanese Visual Field Gender and Power in the Japanese Visual Field
Norman Bryson, Joshua S. Mostow, Maribeth Graybill (eds)

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ELT means English Language Teaching. The ELT Calendar contains information about conferences, conventions, workshops, presentations and other events of professional interest to teachers of EFL ( English as a Foreign Language ) and ESL ( English as a Second Language ) in Japan, and the research communities of SLA (Second Language Acquisition), TESOL ( Teaching English as a Second or Other Language ), TEFL ( Teaching English as a Foriegn Language ) and others relevant to language learning and teaching English in Japan.