Tokyo ETJ Expo and Tokyo English Language Book Fair (day 1 of 2)

Date: Saturday, October 29th, 2005 Time: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Speaker: A number of speakers

This is the first day of the 2-day Tokyo ETJ Expo (which includes the Tokyo English Language Book Fair), one of the major events of the year for English teachers in the Kanto region. Come see workshops and presentations on teaching students of all ages. Find materials to suit your lessons in the large number of publisher displays of English teaching materials. For details, go to To register, you can register online.

  • Christian Jones,
    Spoken grammar - what is it and how might we teach it?
  • Mayuka Habbick,
    Making learning fun and pleasurable
  • Miki Sakai,
    How to use cards effectively to teach Let's Go
  • Nena Nikolic-Hosonaka,
    Textbook as a magic environment growth
  • Robert Rabbini, Robert Diem,
    Motivating young adult learners to communicate
  • David Paul,
    Communication Strategies
  • Jason Good,
    Using US elementary school textbooks for your kids
  • Lindsay Kingsford,
    Classroom hits - stimulating your students with hits
  • Mark O'Neil,
    Doing business in English - what should we be teaching?
  • Shoko Suzuki,
    TOEIC Bridge: Step by step journey towards TOEIC
  • Aaron Anderson,
    Empowering your current business with online scheduling
  • Charles LeBeau,
    Discussion: process and principles
  • Jonathan Lynch,
    Making language learning memorable for successful communication
  • Setsuko Toyama,
    Songs and games as teachers' tools
  • Takeshi Ogawa,
    Phone Pass Junior - a completely automated telephone exam for children
  • Basil Tonks,
    Teacher training solutions for Japan
  • John Pak,
    Using 'Topic Talk Issues' in the university classroom
  • Mari Nakamura / Akiko Seino,
    Motivate to educate - combining entertainment and education
  • Mayuka Habbick,
    Reading skills and learning skills
  • Yumiko Akeba,
    Don't stop in the classroom: helping students help themselves
  • Ivan Sorrentino,
    5 qualities of good conversation
  • Kazue Imori,
    Get your learners 'On Track' for reading success
  • Robert Habbick,
    The new generation of materials for Japan
  • Sean Smith,
    The Universities of Birmingham and Sheffield distance courses
  • Setsuko Toyama,
    10 questions for EFL teachers of children
  • Alastair Graham-Marr,
    Teaching the strategies of speaking
  • Aleda Krause,
    Some basic lesson planning rules
  • James Graziani,
    Sharpen up with SBI
  • Jason Good,
    Bilingual schools, a new boom in Asia
  • Paul Shimizu,
    Student empowerment and motivation

Organization: ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) (ETJ)

Cost: ETJ Members: 500 yen
Non-members: 1,000 yen

Venue: 6F, World Import Mart, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan


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