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Call for presentation proposals due Friday, March 15th 2024 for Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia 2024
TBLT in Asia 2024 will be held at Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan from July 5th to 7th, 2024.


JALT Global Englishes SIG online conference, Call for presentation proposals open until August 31 (Global Englishes JALT) -- December 9 (Sat), 9:00-17:00; in Online, Online Events

TYL Event: Sounds, Reading, and Interpretation, Kate Sato Alison Hasegawa (Tokyo JALT) -- December 10 (Sun), 10:00-13:00; in Online, Online Events

PSG/CUE PanSIG Abstracts Writing Support, Victoria Thomas (TBD) (CUE JALT) -- December 12 (Tue), 20:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

ZPD in December, Networking event (Zoom for Professional Development JALT) -- December 12 (Tue), 20:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

A Conceptual Toolkit for Language Teaching Practitioners: Applications in the Japanese Context, Eoin Jordan (University of St Andrews) (Fukuoka JALT) -- December 16 (Sat), 15:00-17:00; in Fukuoka

Fukuoka JALT Bonenkai (end of year party), all are invited (Fukuoka JALT) -- December 16 (Sat), 18:30-20:30; in Fukuoka