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Call for papers due Friday, March 31st 2017 for 9th Annual NEAR Conference Challenges and Opportunities in Education
The 9th Annual NEAR Conference will be held June 10th, 2017 at The University of Niigata Prefecture.

Call for papers due Saturday, April 22nd 2017 for Summer Seminar: Business and Intercultural Negotiation
The JALT Business Communication SIG will hold the Business and Intercultural Negotiation conference on July 1st and 2nd 2017, at Kansai University, Osaka.

Call for papers due Sunday, April 30th 2017 for Back to School 2017 Spring Mini-Conference
Back to School 2017, Osaka JALT's 7th annual spring mini-conference, will be held May 27th at Osaka Jogakuin University.


Current trends and future developments in language education: Implications for the classroom, Howard Brown (Niigata university) (Niigata JALT) -- April 8 (Sat), 15:00-17:00; in Niigata

Meet the Real Iran, Parisa Mehran (Osaka University) Mehrasa Alizadeh (Osaka University) (Kobe JALT) -- April 15 (Sat), 15:00-17:00; in Kobe, Hyogo

Okayama JALT April Meeting: Advanced Degrees and Continuing Education--Panel Discussion on Local and Distance Programs, Panelists: Jason Lowes, Susan Meiki, Paul Moritoshi, David Townsend, Claire Uchida. Facilitator: Ian Nakamura (Okayama JALT) -- April 15 (Sat), 15:00-17:00; in Okayama

Developing Entrepreneurial Mindsets through Narrative, Philip McCasland (Fukushima University) (Gifu JALT) -- April 15 (Sat), 19:00-21:00; in Gifu

Developing Literacy Through CLIL For Young Learners, Chiyuki Yanase (Shinshu JALT) -- April 16 (Sun), 10:00-12:00; in Matsumoto, Nagano

From Curriculum To Handout: Considerations for teacher-made ELT materials, Cameron Romney (Doshisha University) (Saitama JALT) -- April 16 (Sun), 13:00-16:00; in Saitama

"Sometimes, I think they are a kind of God." Metaphors for teachers, learners and language learning, Darren Elliott (Nanzan University) (Nagoya JALT) -- April 16 (Sun), 13:30-16:00; in Nagoya, Aichi

Introduction to Language Assessments, J. Lake (Fukuoka Jogakuin University), Trevor Holster (Fukuoka University), Bill Pellowe (Kindai University) (Kyoto JALT) -- April 22 (Sat), 13:00-17:00; in Kyoto

Adapting Drama to the Language Classroom, Eucharia Donnery (Shonan Institute of Technology), Yoko Morimoto (Meiji University), and Gordon Rees (Yokkaichi University) (West Tokyo JALT) -- April 22 (Sat), 13:00-17:40; in Kokubunji, Tokyo

Easing the Burden of Recordkeeping, Soren Leaver (Kyushu Sangyo University) (Fukuoka JALT) -- April 22 (Sat), 18:00-20:00; in Fukuoka

Insights from NeuroELT for you and your Classroom, Steve Jugovic (Gunma JALT) -- April 23 (Sun), 14:00-16:30; in Maebashi, Gunma

The Contrast Culture Method: A Training Workshop, Facilitators (SIETAR) -- May 5 (Fri), 13:00-21:00; in Nagoya, Aichi

The Contrast Culture Method: A Training Workshop (day 2), Facilitators (SIETAR) -- May 6 (Sat), 9:00-17:00; in Nagoya, Aichi

The Contrast Culture Method: A Training Workshop (day 3), Facilitators (SIETAR) -- May 7 (Sun), 9:00-12:00; in Nagoya, Aichi