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Call for papers due Wednesday, December 6th 2017 for Temple University Japan Campus Applied Linguistics Colloquium
The 20th Annual Temple University Applied Linguistics Colloquium will be held February 3-4, 2018 at Temple University Japan's Osaka Center.

Call for papers due Friday, December 8th 2017 for The Tokyo ELT Expo and Book Fair
The Tokyo ELT Expo and Book Fair will be held Saturday, 10th February and Sunday, 11th February, 2018 at Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages.

Call for papers due Friday, December 15th 2017 for The 5th Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan
The 5th Annual Conference on Global Higher Education at Lakeland University Japan will be held June 9th, 2018 at Lakeland University Japan in Tokyo.


JALT2017: 43rd Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition (day 4 of 4), Many presenters (JALT) -- November 20 (Mon), 9:30-16:10; in Tsukuba, Ibaraki

ETJ Chiba November Workshop: Converting Content-Based Textbook into Task-Based Textbooks, Nicky Sekino (Chiba ETJ) -- November 23 (Thu), 10:30-11:50; in Tokyo

The Asia Association of Computer-Assisted Language-Learning (AsiaCALL) 15th International Conference (AsiaCALL) -- November 24 (Fri), ; in Ho Chi Minh

AsiaCALL 2017 (day 2 of 3) (AsiaCALL) -- November 25 (Sat), ; in Ho Chi Minh

41st National Conference of the Japanese Association for Asian Englishes (The 20th Anniversary of the Japanese Association for Asian Englishes), Keynote: David C. S. LI (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) (JAFAE) -- November 25 (Sat), 10:00-18:00; in Kumamoto

AsiaCALL 2017 (day 3 of 3) (AsiaCALL) -- November 26 (Sun), ; in Ho Chi Minh

englishbooks.jp Education Day for ELT Teachers Autumn 2017 in Osaka, Several speakers (englishbooks.jp) -- November 26 (Sun), 10:00-17:00; in Osaka

Resistance is Normal: Barriers to Motivation and the Psychology of Learning, Joseph Shaules (Juntendo University), Gabriela Schmidt (University of Tsukuba), Rob Fritz (Nagasaki University), Sumiko Miyafusa (Showa Women's University) (JII) -- December 2 (Sat), 14:00-17:00; in Tokyo

Motivating Learners to Speak; followed by Bonenkai (end-of-year party), Rob Peacock (sponsored by Oxford University Press) (Fukuoka JALT) -- December 2 (Sat), 17:00-19:00; in Fukuoka

2017 Kyushu ELT Expo, Various Speakers; call for papers due Nov 11 (Fukuoka ETJ) -- December 3 (Sun), 9:00-18:00; in Fukuoka

Hiroshima JALT 2017 Conference, To be announced (Hiroshima JALT) -- December 3 (Sun), 9:00-17:00; in Hiroshima

Oxford Phonics Workshop 2, Kaj Schwermer (Co-author, Oxford Phonics World), Kevin Churchley (Shumei High School) (OUP) -- December 3 (Sun), 10:00-17:00; in Tokyo

The Third VietTESOL International Conference: English for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Call for papers due 30 August, 2017 (VietTESOL) -- December 7 (Thu), 8:00-17:00; in Thai Nguyen

The Third VietTESOL International Conference (day 2 of 2), Call for papers due 30 August, 2017 (VietTESOL) -- December 8 (Fri), 8:00-17:00; in Thai Nguyen

The First Annual Nanzan Language Education Seminar, Brent Simmonds, Yukari Sato, Joseph Wood, Ana-Maria Flores, Mie Gotoh, Bill Jones and Heather Doiron (Nanzan University) -- December 9 (Sat), 9:00-13:00; in Nagoya, Aichi

Active Learning and Oral Communication 1st CEGLOC Conference, in collaboration with the 15th Annual Autumn Workshop, Bruno Vannieu (Kobe U), Michael Stout (U of Tsukuba), Roxana Sandu and Javier Salazar (U of Tsukuba), Yuichi Ono (U of Tsukuba), Peter Hourdequin (Tokoha U), Bruno Jactat (U of Tsukuba) and others (University of Tsukuba) -- December 9 (Sat), 10:00-17:00; in Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Tohoku ELT Expo, Speakers from around the nation and from the Sendai/Tohoku region (call for presenters due October 31) (Sendai JALT) -- December 10 (Sun), 9:30-17:30; in Sendai, Miyagi

JASAL 2017 Annual Conference: Enriching Self-Access Environments, Plenary speaker Garold Murray (Okayama University); Call for papers due September 3rd, 2017 (JASAL) -- December 16 (Sat), 9:00-19:30; in Chiba

The 5th BOLT/UFLS-UD Language Education Conference: Innovative Language Teaching, Peter John Wanner, Xiao Ben Yuan, William Pellowe, Hitome Sakemoto, plus others TBA (BOLT) -- December 16 (Sat), 9:00-16:00; in Da Nang

The 5th BOLT/UFLS-UD Language Education Conference (day 2 of 2) (BOLT) -- December 17 (Sun), ; in Da Nang