ELT Calendar Listings for Japan-based Newsletters

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JALT September ZPD (Zoom for Professional Development) Networking, Kinsella Vallies, Research Coordinator of the Writers' Peer Support Group (PSG); Theron Muller, JALT's Publication Board Chair and other members of the JALT Publication Board (Zoom for Professional Development JALT) -- September 30 (Fri), 20:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

Little America Teaching Online Materials Seminar for Adults, Helene Jarmol Uchida (English), Soshi Uchida (Japanese) (Little America Book Store) -- October 2 (Sun), 10:00-13:00; in Online, Online Events

21st Century Language Teaching Conference, Penny Ur (Teaching Younger Learners JALT) -- October 2 (Sun), 15:00-19:00; in Online, Online Events

Cooperative Learning: Theory, Practice and Research, George Jacobs (Univeristi Malaya, Malaysia) (TUJ) -- October 8 (Sat), 10:00-13:00; in Online, Online Events

Critical Realism in Applied Linguistics, Jeremie Bouchard (Hokkai-Gakuen University), Dominic Edsall (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine), Karin Zotzmann (University of Southampton) (Kyoto JALT) -- November 6 (Sun), 14:00-18:00; in Online, Online Events