ELT Calendar Listings for Japan-based Newsletters

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Extensive Reading Around the World (ERAW2021), Paul Nation and dozens more (ER Foundation) -- August 12 (Thu), 10:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

Action research: A powerful way to engage yourself in professional development, Anne Burns (CEFR and Language Portfolio JALT) -- August 20 (Fri), 14:00-17:15; in Online, Online Events

2021 CELF-ELTama Forum for English Language Teaching, Plenary: Robert J. Lowe (Tokyo Kasei University), Shigeyuki Hidai (Tamagawa University) (Tamagawa University) -- August 21 (Sat), 10:35-16:50; in Online, Online Events

Bringing Model United Nations to Your Classroom, Todd Thorpe (Kyoto JALT) -- September 4 (Sat), 13:00-16:00; in Online, Online Events

CUE Conference 2021, Plenary speaker Alexandra Burke; presentation proposals are due Sunday, July 4 (CUE JALT) -- September 11 (Sat), ; in Online, Online Events