ELT Calendar Listings for Japan-based Newsletters

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Connecting Our Students Globally Online, Christopher Chase (Fukuoka ETJ) -- September 24 (Fri), 19:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

Classroom Engagement, Namiko Tsuruta (Global Language Institute) (Nagano (formerly Shinshu) JALT) -- September 25 (Sat), 9:30-11:00; in Online, Online Events

Recognizing and Changing the Undermined Reality of NNESTs, Jackson Koon Yat Lee, May Kyaw Oo (Gifu JALT) -- September 25 (Sat), 18:00-20:00; in Online, Online Events

Open Mic 2.0: Business Concepts, Mike Hadas (ThinkLish), Tamanna Patel (EssayJack), Philip Riccobono (sportsEnglish.org), Christopher G. Haswell (Lost in Citations) and Jonathan Shachter (Business Communication JALT) -- September 25 (Sat), 19:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

TEMI Online Teacher-training Seminar: Teaching Methods for Adults, Helene Jarmol Uchida (TEMI) -- September 26 (Sun), 9:00-12:00; in Online, Online Events

ETJ East Tokyo September Online Workshop (1) Nicky Sekino; (2) Yuco Kikuichi; (3) Namiko Tsuruta (East Tokyo ETJ) -- September 26 (Sun), 14:00-16:00; in Online, Online Events

JALT Zoom for Professional Development (ZPD), JALT Publications, the JALT Writers' Peer Support Group, and an overview of EBM Motion Writing (Zoom for Professional Development JALT) -- September 30 (Thu), 20:00-21:00; in Online, Online Events

TEMI Online Teacher-training Seminar: Teaching Materials for Adults, Helene Jarmol Uchida (TEMI) -- October 3 (Sun), 9:00-12:00; in Online, Online Events

Session: ELL 2021, 30 speakers; call for presenters is open until 12:00, Sep 28th, 2021 (Session: ELL) -- October 3 (Sun), 9:30-17:30; in Online, Online Events

Vocabulary Research in ESP: Raising Issues and Connecting to Practice, Averil Coxhead (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) (TUJ) -- October 16 (Sat), 10:00-13:00; in Online, Online Events

Living Newspaper Readers Theatre: Oral Performance with Accelerated Feedback, David Kluge and George MacLean (Fukuoka JALT) -- October 16 (Sat), 18:30-20:30; in Online, Online Events

Virtually Anywhere 2021: Webinar for Junior and Senior High School Teachers, Will Laschet (National Geographic Learning), Takamichi Nakamura (Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School), Carmella Lieske, Shimane University (National Geographic Learning) -- October 17 (Sun), 10:00-14:00; in Online, Online Events

JASAL 2021 National Conference: Learning Space Design and Usage in Self-Access Language Learning, John Augeri (Ile-de-France Digital University, Paris); call for presentations due August 6th (JASAL) -- October 23 (Sat), ; in Online, Online Events

L2 Spoken Vocabulary Acquisition, Instruction, and Assessment, Takumi Uchihara (Waseda University, Japan) (TUJ) -- October 30 (Sat), 10:00-13:00; in Online, Online Events