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ELT Calendar for Togane City

Events of professional interest to language teachers in Togane City.


There are no upcoming events scheduled for Togane City. You could try the Chiba Prefecture Calendar, or use our advanced search page.

Groups Active In Togane City

Listed in decreasing order by the number of events on ELT Calendar by each group in Togane City. (The ELT Calendar database goes back to 2001.)

Past Events in Togane City

Here are some of the past events in Togane City.

Rules, Patterns and Words: A Pedagogic Description of Language
Date: November 26th (Wednesday) 2003
Speaker: Dave Willis
Organization: Chiba JALT
First line of description: Dave Willis will show how grammar and lexis, contrary to traditional notions, are indeed related.

The Power of Using the Internet in English Language Teaching
Date: February 8th (Saturday) 2003
Speaker: Dave Sperling, Dave's ESL Cafe
Organization: Josai International University
First line of description: Dave Sperling of Dave's ESL Cafe will discuss the powerful and exciting possibilities in using technology in the challenges facing teachers in the 21st century.

Teaching Vocabulary for Academic Purposes
Date: November 16th (Saturday) 2002
Speaker: William Grabe, Northern Arizona University
Organization: Chiba JALT
First line of description: In this workshop-style interactive presentation, William Grabe focuses on EAP (English For Academic Purposes) for reading development.

Reading Strategies
Date: November 17th (Saturday) 2001
Speaker: Anne Burns, Macquarie University in Australia
Organization: Chiba JALT
First line of description: In this presentation, Anne will begin by discussing briefly recent approaches to reading research and the influences they have had on teaching practice.