Kobe JALT:

Miniconference: English Language Teaching in Secondary Education

Date: Sunday, April 28th, 2002 Time: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Speaker: Seven speakers (details below)


  1. Making an Effective Presentation Skills Program
    Robert Mahon
    This mini-conference presentation explains how to prioritize an effective presentation skills course, and how to make modifications of methodological goals and strategies depending on students' level of language proficiency. Presentation skills for review include the following: speaking skills, organization of text, "Three-Step Method", using of power Point, and audience involvement. Adaptation to particular conditions of diverse educational institutions will also be considered.
  2. Bridging the Gap between the Classroom & the Real World
    Paul Rosengrave
    How can we make our classes feel real & relevant to our students? A key to successful learning lies in the use of content-rich, high-interest, task-based activities. We will be looking at how various Longman ELT speaking and listening courses build communicative competence, motivate learners, and bridge the gap between the classrooms & the real world. Ideas & activities will be aimed at teenage & young-adult classroom situations.
  3. A Comparative Study of English Textbooks Used in Japan, Korea and Taiwan focusing on Fifth and Sixth Grades
    Yoko Honda
    This presentation examines the language content, the points in common and the level of English in English programs taught at elementary schools in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It also compares the teaching materials (textbooks in particular) used. The first section compares the total number of words in the textbooks used by the three areas, the second section looks at parts of speech, the third section compares word categories, the fourth section investigates sentence patterns and the final section explores sentences which contain the verbs "like", "have" and "want".
  4. Adapting Textbook Activities for Speaking Practice
    Rebecca Arthur
    Although many English textbooks provide a variety of speaking practice activities, their one-size-fits-all approach often results in activities do not meet the needs of the students. Fortunately, many textbook activities can be easily adapted on the spot to provide students with more appropriate speaking activies. In this workshop a variety of ways to adapt textbook activities so they are more suitable will be presented and practiced. These adaptations can be done with almost no preparation. Although based on activities for false beginners, these adaptations are suitable for almost any level.
  5. English Communicative Competence for Senior High School Students - Issues and Suggestions
    Yoshiro Kamitani
    In this presentation, research on whether the National Center of English effectively measures English communicative competence will be briefly presented. This will be followed briefly by reaseach on English oral communication texbooks. Finally, based on some of the issues that are raised, some suggestions will be proposed for helping students develop communicative competence more effectively.
  6. Classroom Management in Language Classrooms
    Keiko Sakui
    Classroom management is a neglected area of research in language teaching. The need to understand classroom management is urgent especially in contemporary Japanese classrooms. This presentation is a partial report of an ethnographic study on teacher beliefs and practices of classroom management carried out in Japanese high and junior high school English classrooms. The porpose of this longitudinal study is whether/what types of management problems ocuur in language classrooms and how teachers address these problems. The data for this study are teacher interviews and classroom observations over one academic year.
  7. Programs for Cross-cultural Understanding in Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School
    Atsushi Masumi
    This presentation is a brief introduction and explanation of the English classes in the international course at Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School. What has been going on in the classes, TV conferences, topic studies in the LL classes, and the cultural exchange programs will be introduced and explained. Problems will also be discussed.

Organization: Kobe Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Kobe JALT)

Cost: JALT Members: free
Non-members: 1000 yen

Venue: Kobe YMCA Sannomiya (between JR Sannomiya and JR Shin-Kobe)

Location: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


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