Gunma JALT:

The 23rd JALT-Gunma Summer Workshop at Kusatsu

Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2012 Time: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Speaker: William Grabe (Regents' Professor of Applied Linguistics, NAU), Fredricka L. Stoller, Professor of English, NAU

This event lasts from 1:00 PM Saturday, 18 August until 2:00 PM Sunday, 19 August.

The Theme: Ways to Promote Active Learning in L2 Teaching

Lecture 1: Stoller, F. L. & Grabe, W.
Everyone knows that Students Need More Vocabulary: What Can We Do about It?
Our students are typically the first to tell us (in their own way) that they are either at a loss for words or that they desperately need more vocabulary. And from our own experiences learning other languages, we know how critical vocabulary is for speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Although students can learn a lot of vocabulary incidentally, through language input, they benefit greatly from explicit attention to vocabulary learning in the classroom. In this presentation, we’ll explore important principles of effective vocabulary teaching and learning that can be used with students at all proficiency levels. Emphases will be placed on vocabulary selection criteria, principled ways to teach vocabulary, teaching techniques for recycling vocabulary, and instructional options that encourage students to see key words in relation to other words.

Lecture 2: Grabe, W. & Stoller, F. L.
Demystifying Myths about L2 Reading and Reading Instruction
Myths about second language (L2) reading and reading instruction are commonplace. For example, some say there is one reading rate that leads to effective reading; in fact, good readers read at different rates depending on their reading goals. As a second example, many teachers believe that guessing words from context is a good way to learn new vocabulary. In fact, guessing words from context is not a particularly effective vocabulary learning technique. When myths such as these come to life in our classrooms, they result in less than effective reading instruction. In this presentation, popular myths about L2 reading are exposed, and, in their place, sound practices for teaching reading are suggested.

Presentations by Participants:
You are welcome to make a presentation. There are four slots (30 min each). If you are interested in making one, please indicate your intention when you get registered.

Registration documents can be found on the Gunma JALT webpage.

Organization: Gunma Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Gunma JALT)

Cost: 9,000 yen (Program, 4,000 yen; Room and Board, 5,000 yen)

Venue: Kusatsu Seminar House

Location: Kusatsu City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan


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