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ALT Agora 8 - October 2021

Date: Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Speaker: Jose Domingo Cruz (Kitakyushu University), Daniel Pearce (Kyoto Notre Dame University), Namiko Tsuruta (Global Language Institute), Fabio Spano (Tokyo International Christian University)

We are back with the usual Agorà program. The CLIL workshop was a success and there will definitely be more events following that style, but for now, let's focus on this month's topics! Which one will you choose?

SPOTLIGHT: Fluency in the Classroom Speaker: José Domingo Cruz (Kitakyushu University)
All teachers want their students to achieve higher levels of fluency, but how to teach it, and what classroom methods actually work? Cruz will provide some food for thought on this topic, and then will be happy to discuss any ideas and questions in the Breakout Rooms. This session will try to move forward from Cruz's previous ALTTO session in June 2021 to show more techniques, while making sure no attendees are left without a solid understanding of the basic methods VC involves.

Room 1: Fluency in the Classroom
Speaker: José Domingo Cruz (Kitakyushu University)
Part 2 of the topic introduced during the spotlight presentation.

Room 2: Awakening to Languages, and Learning about Language and Culture
Speaker: Daniel Pearce (Kyoto Notre Dame University)
Research has shown that language classrooms rarely foster capable bilinguals, despite this being the assumed outcome in many situations. As teachers, however, we can provide our learners with tools to promote successful language learning and intercultural understanding. In this session, I will discuss how ALTs can go beyond simply modelling language and demonstrating our own cultures, to creating lessons that engage learners on an intellectual level. I will also introduce the Awakening to Languages methodology, and a useful repository of free-to-use resources for teaching/learning about languages and cultures.

Room 3: Through the Lens of a Global World Speaker: Namiko Tsuruta (Global Language Institute)
Do our schools' EFL textbooks represent how we would like our learners to view themselves, us, and the world around them? How can we address important global issues with meaningful and interdisciplinary activities without overloading them with difficult language? Come join me in addressing the social responsibilities that all teachers play in promoting a more diverse and inclusive learning culture. Please come with your textbooks and ideas, and share your classroom stories with us as well.

Room 4: Games as TBLT activities in the classroom: WHY and HOW?
Speaker: Fabio Spano (Tokyo International Christian University)
In elementary and junior high school, games are mostly used for specific language Practice, they just substitute the second P in PPP (Present Practice Produce). But with TBLT games could be much more effective, giving the students a chance to have authentic interactions by using their own English to communicate with their peers, and negotiate for meaning. With this little intervention, I will explain WHY is worth doing and HOW it could be done!

Organization: ALTTO (ALT Training Online)

Cost: free

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