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Groups Active In Toyohashi City

Listed in decreasing order by the number of events on ELT Calendar by each group in Toyohashi City. (The ELT Calendar database goes back to 2001.)

Past Events in Toyohashi City

Here are some of the past events in Toyohashi City.

Aichi University: Culture and Language Symposium
Date: July 27th (Friday) 2018
Speaker: TBD; call for presentations open until May 28
Organization: Aichi University Faculty of International Communication
First line of description: The Faculty of International Communications at Aichi University will be holding the Culture and Language Symposium (4th Edition) at the end of the Spring 2018 semester.

(1) Here we are now, motivate us; (2) Inspire or perspire? Getting students speaking
Date: July 12th (Sunday) 2015
Speaker: Andy Boon (Toyo Gakuen University)
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: Hosted by Cengage Learning, Andy Boon will be speaking on two topics at this meeting.

The Heart of the Matter: Literature in Language Teaching Conference
Date: September 7th (Sunday) 2014
Speaker: Marcos Benevides (Oberlin University), Literature in Language Teaching SIG, Hamamatsu JALT, Toyohashi JALT
Organization: Literature in Language Teaching SIG of JALT
First line of description: Marcos Benevides will talk about the "big picture" when it comes to literature, and will frame his discussion about a robust discussion of lexical accessibility.

Oxford All-Japan Summer Tour for Teachers 2012 (Toyohashi, Aichi)
Date: September 1st (Saturday) 2012
Speaker: Kim Horne (Izumi Chuo Hoikuen, Gifu), Marco Brazil (Beans International)
Organization: Oxford University Press
First line of description: From mid-June to late-September, Oxford University Press will be holding a tour of 30 cities across the country.

Mini-conference: Thinking Critically
Date: July 8th (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: James Crocker, David Kluge, James Matchett, Steve Quasha, and Ken Slater
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: This mini-conference, jointly sponsored by the College and University Educators (CUE) SIG, the Critical Thinking SIG, and the Speech, Drama & Debate (SD&D) SIG, will feature presentations and workshops on the topic of critical thinking and debate in language learning and teaching.

Annual Toyohashi Barbecue
Date: May 20th (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: Everyone
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: JALT Toyohashi will be holding our annual May barbecue again at the usual location, Ryokuchi Park (just south of Aichi University).

Exploring our Philosophies of Learning and Teaching
Date: April 15th (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: Bob Sanderson
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: A teacher's philosophy of learning and teaching are at the core of what he or she does or aims to do in the classroom.

Benefits of computer-mediated communication (CMC) through negotiated learning tasks using Text-chat and Voice
Date: February 18th (Saturday) 2012
Speaker: Anthony Young, Sian Edwards
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: Advancements in technology have fueled a growing interest in utilizing computer networks for second language acquisition purposes.

Insights into Reading Fluency in the EFL Classroom
Date: January 22nd (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: Adam Murray
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: Following Paul Nationís research on extensive reading and speed reading for the development of reading fluency and accuracy, this presentation will demonstrate its application in the EFL classroom through an exploratory study focusing on first year university students in Japan.

Entering the conversation, joining the community: Legitimate participation in academic publishing / Annual Bonenkai
Date: December 11th (Sunday) 2011
Speaker: Theron Muller
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: Part of the annual JALT Four-Corners Tour, this interactive workshop by Theron Muller is divided into two parts.

Instant Messenger Cooperative Development: Journeys of Discovery
Date: November 12th (Saturday) 2011
Speaker: Andrew Boon
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: When conducting research, it may be easy to take a wrong turn and be uncertain of how best to proceed with our individual projects.

Approaches to Communication
Date: October 23rd (Sunday) 2011
Speaker: James Matchett, Anthony Robins, Martha Robertson
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: This meeting will feature three presentations on various approaches to facilitating and encouraging communication.

What can be the goals of ELT in Japan?: Sharing and exploring some possibilities
Date: September 18th (Sunday) 2011
Speaker: Misako Tajima
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: Hot debates with regard to the goals of ELT have never ceased in Japan.

Vocabulary: Meaning, Form, Pronunciation, and Beyond
Date: January 23rd (Sunday) 2011
Speaker: Brad Deacon
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: In a well-balanced language program, what kinds of opportunities should exist for developing studentís L2 vocabulary? The focus of our workshop will be to answer this critical question through lively discussion and practical hands-on activities.

In My Life: Conversation Strategies and Personalized Content to the Max
Date: December 19th (Sunday) 2010
Speaker: David Kluge
Organization: Toyohashi JALT
First line of description: How can we get our students interested and participating in conversation classes? This is a question the presenter had struggled with until a little over ten years ago.


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