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Groups Active In Fukuoka City

Listed in decreasing order by the number of events on ELT Calendar by each group in Fukuoka City. (The ELT Calendar database goes back to 2001.)

Past Events in Fukuoka City

Here are some of the past events in Fukuoka City.

TEMI Online Seminar: Teaching Materials for Jr. High and High School
Date: August 9th (Sunday) 2020
Speaker: Helene Jarmol Uchida
Organization: NPO Teaching English Methods Institute
First line of description: Zoom seminar focusing on teaching Japanese Jr.

CANCELLED: Oxford Teaching Workshop Series 2020 (Fukuoka)
Date: March 15th (Sunday) 2020
Speaker: Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina, Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Naoko Ashikawa, Kevin Churchley
Organization: Oxford University Press
First line of description: CancelledThis event has been cancelled due to concerns about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

TEMI Teacher-Training Seminar: Elementary School
Date: March 8th (Sunday) 2020
Speaker: Helene Jarmol Uchida
Organization: NPO Teaching English Methods Institute
First line of description: The seminar will focus on how to teach elementary school students and will cover formats, warm-ups, self-introductions, games, manageable challenges, experiential activities, and many more!.

Essentializing Cross-cultural Communication Competencies in English Language Teaching
Date: February 15th (Saturday) 2020
Speaker: Aaron Hahn, Chris Haswell
Organization: Fukuoka JALT
First line of description: Most teachers of English in Japan would likely agree that English is valuable in part, if not in whole, because it is the language most commonly used for international communication.

Bring Your Classroom to Life - Winter Tour 2020 (Fukuoka)
Date: January 26th (Sunday) 2020
Speaker: Lesley Ito, Alison Nemoto, David White
Organization: National Geographic Learning
First line of description: Come and join National Geographic Learning for a fascinating day of practical workshops that showcase a range of skills and techniques for teaching young learners.

A Call to Apps: Current best practices in digital pedagogy
Date: January 18th (Saturday) 2020
Speaker: Rab Paterson
Organization: Fukuoka JALT
First line of description: This session will cover a range of current best practices in digital pedagogy, with practical examples drawn a range of pedagogical approaches to learning and related apps.

2019 Kyushu ELT Expo
Date: December 1st (Sunday) 2019
Speaker: Various Speakers
Organization: ETJ Fukuoka
First line of description: The Kyushu English Language Teaching Expo is the premiere event of the year for all teachers of English in the Kyushu region. Education Day for ELT Teachers Autumn 2019 in Fukuoka
Date: November 17th (Sunday) 2019
Speaker: TBC
First line of description: Teachers and authors will gather at this event to share their inspiration and how they achieve classroom goals with their work.

Using Google Voice Recorder in Google Docs for Pronunciation Practice in Your Classroom
Date: November 16th (Saturday) 2019
Speaker: Erin Noxon
Organization: Fukuoka JALT
First line of description: Pronunciation practice is a valuable learning activity that is hard to accomplish at a one-on-one level when you have 40+ students in a classroom.

Teacher's Voice, Gestures and Body Language (also, chapter elections)
Date: October 19th (Saturday) 2019
Speaker: Mari Yoshizawa
Organization: Fukuoka JALT
First line of description: In this workshop, participants will recognize that content and delivery, both verbal and non-verbal, influence listeners' behavior and engagement.

The Fukuoka Seminar
Date: September 29th (Sunday) 2019
Speaker: Tristan Scholze, David Paul, Amy Long, Simon Moran, Jeff Hodsdon
Organization: Language Teaching Professionals
First line of description: Topics include "Everything you need for teaching children" and "Starting and building up your own school or private teaching.

Multilingual Childraising: Giving children access to the world
Date: September 21st (Saturday) 2019
Speaker: Christine Provenzano
Organization: Fukuoka JALT
First line of description: (Please note: "Individual Factors, Mindsets, and FLL" by Mike Berg, originally scheduled as an additional presentation today, has been postponed to a future date TBA)As the population of long-term non-Japanese residents rises in Japanese cities like Fukuoka, more and more families with at least one non-Japanese parent are working to help their children make the most of their international background by developing two, three, or more languages from birth.

TEMI 2019 Teacher-Training Seminars #5 and #6
Date: August 25th (Sunday) 2019
Speaker: Helene J. Uchida (founder of TEMI and Director of Little America English Schools)
Organization: NPO Teaching English Methods Institute
First line of description: 10AM-1PM: Elevating Student Standards (Goals for Students) 2PM-5PM: Interactive Presentations/Songs/Activities (Putting the Spotlight on the Students) Our mission is to help English teachers, including veterans & novices, Japanese & non-Japanese, create interesting, learner-friendly & meaningful lessons for their students.

Globalization and Communicative Competence in Japanese English Classrooms
Date: August 24th (Saturday) 2019
Speaker: Fred E. Anderson (Kansai University)
Organization: Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University Junior College
First line of description: Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University Junior College holds an annual summer lecture.

Summer Beach Party
Date: August 4th (Sunday) 2019
Speaker: It's a beach party!
Organization: Fukuoka JALT
First line of description: It won't be rainy season forever! Come to this informal, family-friendly gathering hosted by the Fukuoka and Kitakyushu Chapters of the Japan Association for Language Teaching.


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