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Events of professional interest to language teachers in Suzuka City.


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Groups Active In Suzuka City

Listed in decreasing order by the number of events on ELT Calendar by each group in Suzuka City. (The ELT Calendar database goes back to 2001.)

Past Events in Suzuka City

Here are some of the past events in Suzuka City.

Grammar and Communications
Date: July 13th (Sunday) 2014
Speaker: Aurora Dobashi, FETJ Founder and President
Organization: FETJ-Mie
First line of description: English grammar can be tricky no more! Come and join us in learning it in a fun and exciting way!.

FETJ Mie Chapter Launching and Teaching Guideline Seminar
Date: March 9th (Saturday) 2013
Speaker: Aurora Dobashi (FETJ Founder), Elma Cruz (FETJ Shiga Chapter President)
Organization: FETJ-Mie
First line of description: This is a 2-day Teacher's Workshop (March 9 and 10) conducted by professional teachers to help you develop your teaching skills targeting Japanese children.