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Past Events in Tenri City

Here are some of the past events in Tenri City.

The Annual Tenri University - Nara JALT Joint Seminar 2012: Reconsidering the Standards of Teaching
Date: January 29th (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: Various speakers
Organization: Nara JALT
First line of description: Schedule: 12:40-13:00 Opening Addresses 13:00-13:30 Presentation 1: Kazuya Nakakono (Unebi Junior High School) Looking Back at My First Year as a Junior High Teacher 13:40-14:20 Presentation 2: Yasuhiro Sakata (Takada High School) Pronunciation Practice for the High School Students Who Want to Be Elementary School Teachers14:30-15:10 Presentation 3:Takashi Yamamoto, Misa Naruse, and Motoyasu Saito (Tenri High School) Towards Establishing the a Unified Syllabus for the Whole School15:20-16:00 Workshop/Presentation 4:Matthew Apple (Nara National College of Technology)To Use Tech or Not to Use Tech: Is This Even the Right Question?This part-lecture, part-workshop will first offer a set of criteria for assessing the use of technology in the language classroom, after which participants will be invited to examine a list of potential language learning activities and discuss what technology could be used to help the learning process.


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