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Past Events in Takatsuki City

Here are some of the past events in Takatsuki City.

A Special Double Session on Translation and Interpretation, co-sponsored by SIETAR Kansai
Date: October 24th (Saturday) 2015
Speaker: (1) Shoko Toyokura (Osaka Jogakuin University); (2) Masako Mouri (Kansai University)
Organization: Osaka JALT
First line of description: (1) Focusing on Increasing the Metaphorical Competence of Japanese EFL Learners through Subtitle Translation by Shoko Toyokura, Osaka Jogakuin University (in English) Metaphors pervade every aspect of our daily life.

Ethnic Disunity and Conflict in Burma
Date: April 27th (Sunday) 2008
Speaker: Richard Humphries
Organization: Osaka JALT
First line of description: The world generally focuses on the political struggles in Myanmar, especially with the 2007 crackdown upon the monk-led demonstrations.

From a Silk Cocoon (viewing the award-winning film with its co-writer and director)
Date: May 19th (Saturday) 2007
Speaker: Satsuki Ina, California State Univ., Sacramento
Organization: Osaka JALT
First line of description: Satsuki Ina is professor emeritus in the School of Education at California State Univ.