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Events of professional interest to language teachers in Edogawa City.


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Groups Active In Edogawa City

Listed in decreasing order by the number of events on ELT Calendar by each group in Edogawa City. (The ELT Calendar database goes back to 2001.)

Past Events in Edogawa City

Here are some of the past events in Edogawa City.

Teaching Techniques for Successful EFL classes
Date: June 29th (Sunday) 2014
Speaker: Aurora Dobashi
Organization: FETJ-Chiba
First line of description: Come and learn how to vary your teaching techniques using teacher created materials.

FETJ - Chiba Teaching Guideline Seminar
Date: May 18th (Saturday) 2013
Speaker: Aurora Dobashi (Chairman and Founder of FETJ), Lori Ligon (Vice President for Training), Armando Simbulas (External Vice President)
Organization: FETJ-Chiba
First line of description: FETJ-Chiba Teaching Guideline Seminar is now open for aspiring and professional teachers who wants to have a hands-on teaching experience to young learners and adults.

From Crib To Classroom: Certificate Course In Teaching Very Young Learners
Date: March 24th (Sunday) 2013
Speaker: Marco Brazil (iETC Training Director)
Organization: Institute of English Teaching to Children
First line of description: Another chance for us to GET it right.

FETJ Tokyo Chapter 1st Year Anniversary
Date: May 20th (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: Aurora Dobashi, Marco Brazil, Lesly Itoh, Sara Wall
Organization: FETJ-Tokyo
First line of description: Join us and learn from the experts:Ms.

Advanced Teacher's Training (TG upgraded)
Date: May 5th (Saturday) 2012
Speaker: Aurora Dobashi, Glenn Villacin, Sampaguita Salazar, Lori Ligon, Armando Simbulas, Katrina Harata
Organization: FETJ-Chiba
First line of description: Ms.

2-Day Intensive Certificate Course In Teaching English To Children (Tokyo)
Date: April 29th (Sunday) 2012
Speaker: Marco Brazil, Founder and Training Director
Organization: Institute of English Teaching to Children
First line of description: "Learn to teach.

5-Day TESOL Certificate Course
Date: August 23rd (Tuesday) 2011
Speaker: Rod Ellis, Paul Robertson
Organization: CoFFET
First line of description: This 5-Day TESOL Certificate Course is provided by Asian EFL, and is hosted by a community of Filipino English Teachers (CoFET).


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