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ELT Calendar for Tottori Prefecture

Events of professional interest to language teachers in Tottori Prefecture.


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Past Events in Tottori Prefecture

Here are some of the past events here, starting with the most-recently-held events.

Pinning Down the Butterfly: Assessing Creativity
Date: November 14th (Saturday) 2015
Speaker: Jane Spiro
Organization: Tottori JALT
City: Tottori City

Tottori - An afternoon of education methods exchange with Hiroshima JALT
Date: October 3rd (Saturday) 2015
Speaker: Simon Carper, Jim Herbert, Monika Szirmai, Donald Cherry, Marybeth Kamibeppu, Jim Ronald
Organization: Tottori JALT
City: Tottori City

Workshop on Extensive Reading
Date: April 12th (Sunday) 2015
Speaker: Rob Waring (Notre Dame Seishin University)
Organization: Tottori JALT
City: Tottori City

Learning through English in Thai Schools: Policy, Concerns and Directions
Date: November 28th (Friday) 2014
Speaker: Sonthida Keyuravong
Organization: Tottori JALT
City: Tottori City

Motivating the unmotivated: Do teachers have to do all the work?
Date: December 8th (Sunday) 2013
Speaker: Ken Wilson (author of the Smart Choice series, Oxford University Press )
Organization: Okayama JALT
City: Tottori City

Oxford All-Japan Summer Tour (Yonago, Tottori)
Date: August 20th (Saturday) 2011
Speaker: Caroline Marie Gerner, Miki Sakai
Organization: Oxford University Press
City: Tottori City