Peace as a Global Language Conference 2003

Looking for PGL2004? Peace as a Global Language Conference 2004 in Kyoto

ELT CalendarConference Dates: September 27th - 28th, 2003
Location: Seisen University (Gotanda, Tokyo)

Featured Speakers

Dr. Spencer Kagan, director of Kagan Publishing and Professional Development, is a former professor of Psychology and Education at the University of California, author, lecturer, and teacher trainer. He has personally trained over a hundred thousand teachers and educational leaders worldwide.

Dr. Kagan's structural approach to cooperative learning and multiple intelligences fosters peace, equality, respect for differences, self-esteem and character development, as well as academic success.

Dr. Kagan has published over 75 scientific books, book chapters, and journal articles, focusing on the development of cooperation, cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, social development, cognitive styles and cognitive abilities. Dr. Kagan created the concept of "structures." Kagan structures allow an easy integration of cooperative learning, multiple intelligence, and character development into any lesson at any grade level or age, for subjects taught in a first or in an additional (second or foreign) language. Dr. Kagan has developed many popular cooperative learning and multiple intelligences structures such as Numbered Heads Together, Kinesthetic Symbols, Stroll Pair Share, Pairs Check, Co-op Co-op, Pairs Compare, and Visualize Share.

Dr. Kagan's books Cooperative Learning, and Multiple Inteligences (co-authored by Miguel Kagan), are among the most popular in their fields. His book, Silly Sports and Goofy Games, provides a comprehensive presentation of non-traditional sports and games; activities which are used as energizers and "brain breaks" at all grade levels. Dr. Kagan and his work have been featured in Educational Leadership and Learning Magazine. His books have been used in schools of education to train teachers world-wide.

Mizuho Fukushima Mizuho Fukushima, Diet Member

"We can never change the weather of tomorrow, but we can change the politics, tomorrow."

Ms. Mizuho Fukushima is both a member of the House of the Councilors (Upper House of the Japanese Parliament) and a very famous feminist lawyer. Since elected a member of the House of the Councilors for the first time in 1998, she has been involved in four main areas - namely environment, human rights, women and peace.

Ms. Fukushima was born in Miyazaki Prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo. She entered the bar in 1987.

As a lawyer, she addressed issues such as the right of choice for separate surnames for married couples, discrimination against illegitimate children and foreign nationals, and sexual harassment.

She has successively held several posts - serving as a member of the Committee on the Gender Equality in the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, President of the Council on the Equality between Men and Women in Kawasaki City and as a member of the Metropolitan Experts Committee on AIDS. She has been a visiting professor at Gakushuuin Women University since 1998, where she teaches law once a week even now.

Being a lawyer, Ms. Fukushima has been a cooperating lawyer for a shelter for migrant women workers from Asia called the Women's Home HELP.

She is a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP). When running for the office, she was on the top of the SDP list in the proportional representation. She was appointed as a Secretary-General of SDP in October, 2001. Among any other parties is she the first woman who takes a secretary-general position in a party.

Focusing on Issues

Drawing upon her vast experience as a feminist as well as a lawyer, Ms. Fukushima has exerted herself to legislate against domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Prevention Law was finally enforced in Fall 2001. In Spring 2003, Ms. Fukushima has started a project team with non-partisan members to make the law more practical through its revision.

She also puts an emphasis on a bill to promote the utilization of natural energy to shift from nuclear power policy.

She is also active in human rights, ranging from treatment of prisoners and foreign people detained in Immigration facilities, abolishment of capital punishment, post-war compensation, to protection of privacy.

At present she sits on the Committee on Judicial Affairs, on the Budget, and on Research Commission on the Constitution of the House of Councilors in the House of Councilors.

Main Publications

Ms. Fukushima has written over 20 books so far, including books co-authored. Her main books include, the Needless Wiretapping Law (touchouhou ha iranai), Sexual Harassment, Japanese New Defense Bill Q & A (shuhenjidaihou Q&A),'Women's Studies in the Court (saiban no joseigaku), Fukushima Mizuho's Seminar on Different Surnames for a Married Couple (fukushima mizuho no fuufubetusei seminar). The Newly published are How to use Domestic Violence Law (tukaikonasou domestic violence hou) and Diversity of the Contemporary Family (are mo kazoku kore mo kazoku)