Peace as a Global Language Conference 2003

Looking for PGL2004? Peace as a Global Language Conference 2004 in Kyoto

ELT CalendarConference Dates: September 27th - 28th, 2003
Location: Seisen University (Gotanda, Tokyo)

Directions to the Conference Site

You can find directions to Seisen University here.

From the JR Yamanote line platfrom at Gotanda Station, take the stairs down to the East Exit. Take the pedestrian overpass across the street and look for the Mitsubishi-Sumitomo Bank signs. This street is called Sony Street (although it is not marked). Go straight along this street for about 5-10 minutes. Walk past the Hotel Arietta. You will see a sign saying Seisen University. Turn left here and go up the hill until you see the entrance gate to the university on your left. It is a bit of a walk through the trees to the campus itself. The registration desk for the conference is located in a big modern building to your right (past the beautiful old brick building). There will be signs posted. It is about a 10 minute taxi ride from Gotanda Station.

Directions from Narita Airport:

You can either take a train or bus from Narita airport. *Do NOT take a taxi, as it would cost too much to go to downtown Tokyo. (The airport is located quite far from Tokyo city centre.)* The cheapest way is to take Keisei Line from Narita Airport station, which is located inside the airport building. Buy a ticket to Nippori station (1000 yen or about $9 for the Express which takes 70 minutes, OR 2000 yen if you take the Super Express - which takes 50 minutes) At Nippori Station, you will need to hand in your ticket at the exit and go to the JR lines. Get on the JR Yamanote line (circle line) going in the Tokyo direction. It takes about 30 min. from Nippori station to Gotanda station where Seisen University is located.

Information about Reasonable Accommodations

S=Single, D=Double, T=Twin, Approximate Price in Yen Per Night (contact the hotel or your travel agent for exact price or for more suggestions)

Business Hotels (mid price range) near the conference site

Toko Hotel, 1 minute walk from Gotanda Station, S: 8900- T: 16600

Tokyo Inn, 1 minute walk from Magome Station, Subway Asakusa Line, (5 min from Gotanda station by Subway), 03-3778-3511, S: 5900-7900 T: 8200-10200

Ohta Ace hotel, 1 minute walk from Magome Station, Subway Asakusa Line, (5 min from Gotanda station by Subway), 03-3776-6001, S: 7000- D: 10,500- T: 13,500-

Youth Hostels

Tokyo International Youth Hostel, 1 minute walk from JR Iidabashi station, 03-3235-1107, FAX:03-3267-4000, 3500 yen (a single sex dormitory style)

Tokyo Yoyogi Youth Hostel, 03-3467-9172, 10-minute walk from Sangubashi station (2nd stop from Shinjuku by Odakyu line) 3000 yen-