Peace as a Global Language Conference 2003

Looking for PGL2004? Peace as a Global Language Conference 2004 in Kyoto

ELT CalendarConference Dates: September 27th - 28th, 2003
Location: Seisen University (Gotanda, Tokyo)

PGL 2003 Conference Proceedings

2003 Peace as a Global Language Conference Proceedings and Supplement: Guidelines for Papers

Conference attendees are invited to share their ideas regarding any of the themes raised during the PEACE AS A GLOBAL LANGUAGE Conference in Tokyo, September 27-28, 2003. We invite original, unpublished writings from presenters and attendees in these categories:

A. Descriptive, detailed accounts of presentations and workshops which you led or attended (up to 2500 words),

B. Summaries of research on conference-related themes (up to 3000 words),

C. Classroom applications (lesson plans, teaching approaches, pedagogical techniques and materials) reports which should be written to allow readers to duplicate an approach or lesson (up to 2000 words),

D. Non-traditional materials (poems, satire, art, short films, sound clips) related to the conference themes (up to 4MB per person).

E. Articles in the first three categories should include a one paragraph summary/abstract and 4-6 keywords to facilitate the indexing of the articles.

General Submission Information

1. The deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2003.

2. English language submissions should be emailed to Tim Newfields, Kim Braford-Watts and Tim Denny.

Japanese language submissions should be emailed to Keiko Kikuchi and Kazuya Asakawa.

3. Articles should be in plain text format. Illustrations, graphs, tables and photographs should be sent as images in either .GIF or .JPEG form.

4. All references should follow APA style.

5. The proceedings are scheduled to come out in early spring 2004 in CD-ROM format. All articles will appear in HTML format. If you are interested in ordering a copy of the CD-ROM, please contact Tim Newfields.

6. The total price of each Conference Proceedings CD-ROM shall be 1,000 yen and this will include shipping costs. To encourage wide distribution, the CD-ROM will not be encrypted or password-protected. If you wish to make additional copies of the CD, feel free to do so.