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ALT Agora 7

Date: Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Speaker: Akiko Kano (Sophia University), Emily Choong (ALT in Niigata Prefecture), Trent Abbott (ALT in Nagano Prefecture), Martin Sedaghat (Niigata University of Health and Welfare International Preschool), Nicholas J. Wilson (

ELT Agorà never stops evolving! After six months, this regular professional development event moves to Tuesday nights! During this second semester there are going to be some changes, with next month also being an "irregular" one, so look forward to more information on that!

But, let's focus on August for now! Take a look at the incredible line-up! As you can see, the number of current ALTs leading breakout rooms keeps growing! Well, let's not stop this! If you think you have something to share, get in touch, and let's set up a room together!

Event: ALT Agorà ⑦

This month join us to talk about the following topics!

  • SPOTLIGHT: ALTs in Schools in Japan
    Akiko Kano (Sophia University)
    A brief report on a large-scale study based on questionnaires collected from 1545 ALTs teaching in elementary and junior high schools will be presented. The interesting differences, as well as similarities of ALT situations in the two school types, should bring up an active discussion about the current ALT situations in Japan.
  • Room 1: ALTs in Schools in Japan
    Akiko Kano (Sophia University)
    Part 2 of the topic introduced during the spotlight presentation.
  • Room 2: Teacher vs. Friend: Building Rapport with Your Students
    Emily Choong (ALT in Niigata Prefecture)
    How friendly can you be with your students within professional boundaries? Where do you draw the line? Given the frequency of visits to schools and length of time spent with students, creating a teacher-student relationship may be challenging but not impossible. The presenter will share her experience and discuss how ALTs can build rapport with their students in the classroom.
  • Room 3: Why SHOULD you study Japanese?
    Trent Abbott (ALT in Nagano Prefecture)
    The Japanese language is really difficult, and with AI and machine learning becoming increasingly more powerful, why bother studying it at all? This is a discussion about why one would want to study Japanese, techniques for acquiring it, and about the future of language learning in the shadow of the machines.
  • Room 4: Authentic Materials in the classroom
    Martin Sedaghat (Niigata University of Health and Welfare International Preschool)
    Authentic materials such as songs, movie clips, and comic books can be a powerful motivator for language learners, but how and when should they be used? We will discuss and share some ideas for how to bring this kind of content into your classroom, different ways to utilize it, and even how to make your own.

Organization: ALTTO (ALT Training Online)

Cost: free

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