Peace as a Global Language Conference 2004

ELT CalendarConference Dates: September 24th, 25th and 26th 2004
Location: Kyoto Museum for World Peace at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
Information on PGL 2005 is at

Hunger Banquet

Hunger Banquet

The Hunger Banquet is designed to reflect the inequality prevailing in the world today, in which a billion people are over-nourished, another billion are under-nourished and millions live on the verge of starvation through no fault of their own. Each participant will pay the fixed charge of 1200 Yen (600 yen for students), but the meals provided will vary. A lucky few will receive an extravagant meal, some will receive an adequate meal, many will receive a simple meal and a few will be very disappointed. Who gets what will be decided by lottery at the start of the event. All profits will be donated to Oxfam.

For more information on the Hunger Banquet concept, please refer to the following URL:

Other Food Options

More information on eating options shall be posted here in the very near future. Please do refer back to this page periodically for updates.