Peace as a Global Language Conference 2004

ELT CalendarConference Dates: September 24th, 25th and 26th 2004
Location: Kyoto Museum for World Peace at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
Information on PGL 2005 is at

Proceedings to be published online March 31st, 2005

Our tentative website will be It is not up yet, please do not try to access it yet. Do feel free to visit our host to view a wonderful collection of likeminded online journals.

Please continue to send submissions for the PGL proceedings, we will accept submissions as long as we can find reviewers and get your essay completed before the publication date.

PGLIII is happy to publish proceedings based on both academic and non-academic submissions. Those wishing to qualifiy for an academic submission will be asked to follow the instructions as found on the following document.

While those seeking a non-academic oriented submission (i.e.: poetry, opinions, non-academic style essay and etc...) will be asked to submit with a much less rigorous procedure.

Everyone is welcome to make a submission related to the conference theme of peace and global issues. Since we understand that there were many who wished to attend yet could not; we extend a warm welcome for submissions from the greater community whether you attended or not.

The general deadline for PGLIII proceedings submissions is November 30th, 2004, yet you are encouraged to submit as soon as possible.

PGLIII Instructions for authors of ACADEMIC style papers (English submissions) Please download instrcutions here:

or find the same information in html format here:

How to write in APA format:

From the: Purdue University Online Writing Lab.


PGLIII Instructions for authors of NON-ACADEMIC submissions

A. Descriptive, detailed accounts of presentations and workshops which you led or attended (up to 2500 words),

B. Classroom applications (lesson plans, teaching approaches, pedagogical techniques and materials) reports which should be written to allow readers to duplicate an approach or lesson (up to 2000 words),

C. Non-traditional materials (poems, art, short films, sound clips) related to the conference themes (up to 4MB per person).

D. We welcome other categories not listed here yet in tune with the conference theme.

Please email all academic and non-academic submissions as an attached MSword file to: