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MyShare: A joint event with Saitama City Educators

Date: Sunday, December 8th, 2013 Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Speaker: Shaun Iwasawa, Die Hu, Alex Procter, Daniel Worden, Faye Quinn, Rebecca Quinn and other Kanto-based educators

Given an open stage and an audience of your peers, what will you say? MyShare is an event for educators who wish to share a technique, material, procedure, story, or other useful tool or experience with the general membership, and do so in the span of three to fifteen (3-15) golden minutes. Multidisciplinary, intense, and personal, it is not an event to be missed. Saitama City Educators (SCE) will contribute six presenters whose abstracts can be found below.

For Omiya JALT members, the call for MyShare presentations is open. Please contact our program chair Jun Harada at, or Matt Shannon at if you have previously been in contact with him.

Following the MyShare, members of the Omiya JALT chapter are invited to join the presenters for good company and beverages, location TBD (in Omiya).

Presenters from the Saitama City Educators (SCE)

Shaun Iwasawa
Title: A Pair Speaking Test and Presentation Rolled Into One
Bio: Shaun has been working in Japan as an ALT for the past 10 years. He began teaching at a public high school through the JET Program. Since then, he has worked at a girl's school, five elementary schools, and is currently at Kaichi Gakuen, a private Jr./Senior high school.
Abstract: This speaking test activity is aimed at students in middle and high school. It can be used as a one-time activity or as a portion of each class over a term. It allows students to receive immediate feedback and focuses on problem comprehension, writing, memorization and speaking skills. It also allows students to work at their own pace while at the same time keeping all class members working actively.

Die Hu
Title: You are more than a language teacher how to improve students' self-esteems?
Bio: Die Hu holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney, majoring in second language teaching as well as visual arts teaching. During her degree, she completed two professional experiences with two different high schools. She is currently an Assistant Language Teaching at Wako International High School, teaching debate and communication. Prior to that, she worked in an Interpreting and Translating agency, and also did English tutoring.
Abstract: As language teachers, we often spend a large amount of time designing and planning fun and engaging learning activities in order to improve students' language abilities. However, we rarely consider the fundamental determinator of students' success self-esteem. Whether or not a student is successful in learning is determined by whether or not he/she believes in his/her ability to learn. This workshop aims to provide more information about the impact of self-esteem on language learning as well as suggest practical strategies teachers can implement in order to improve students' self-esteems.

Alex Procter
Title: The Talkative Classroom
Bio: Procter has over 13 years of EFL teaching experience in Japan. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and is therefore qualified to teach in schools in England and Wales. He currently teaches at Kasukabe Kyoei Junior High School. His interests include collaborative learning and CALL.
Abstract: This presentation will offer advice on how to create an atmosphere in which students feel motivated to give their opinions through the use of appropriate questions, primer activities, and transparent evaluation criteria.

Daniel Worden
Title: An Introduction to Extensive Reading
Bio: Daniel has been a JET Program ALT working in Saitama Prefecture since 2009. He recently received a MA TESOL from the University of Auckland. His areas of interest include extensive reading, materials development, vocabulary acquisition, and academic writing.
Abstract: Extensive reading is an approach to ESL/EFL reading instruction which aims to develop learners` overall reading ability through reading large quantities of engaging and level-appropriate material. This presentation will explore the basics of extensive reading and suggest how it can benefit learners, particularly in the Japanese EFL learning context.

Faye Quinn
Title: Using a Journal Style Activity to Encourage Student ALT Interaction
Bio: Faye came to Japan from England as an ALT in July 2011. She teaches English at Shiraoka High School and also has weekly visits to high schools in Kurihashi and Hasuda. Before coming to Japan she studied Mathematics at Durham University where she completed her Masters. Faye has a passion for playing sports, especially football, and enjoys studying languages, particularly Japanese and British Sign Language
Abstract: A presentation about creating and introducing a 'journal style' scheme within English classes and the benefits it can have on the student's motivation, as well as helping to build relationships and encourage communication between students and the ALT.

Rebecca Quinn
Title: Speak all about it - Effective ways to use the news in oral communication
Bio: Rebecca Quinn graduated with a degree in French and English Literature before moving to Japan to teach English at Wako International High School in 2012. She spent a year in France as an English language assistant and worked as a Press & PR Officer for an Edinburgh theatre while finishing her Masters. In her free time she writes travel articles and attempts to play the piano.
Abstract: Despite the perceived difficulty of news English, useful texts, easily accessed both in print and online, provide a thought-provoking platform for student discussions and in-class presentations. Articles can be exploited in a variety of innovative ways, not only to develop student's communication skills but also to expand their knowledge of international current affairs. This article offers ideas on how to use news articles effectively in the classroom.

Organization: Saitama Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Saitama JALT)

Cost: JALT Members: free
Non-members: 1,000 yen

Venue: Sakuragi Kouminkan 5F, Omiya, Saitama City (map)

Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan


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