JACET ESP SIG Kanto (November Meeting)

Date: Sunday, November 13th, 2016 Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Speaker: Kevin Knight (Kanda University of International Studies)


  • 15:00-15:30 Invited Presentation by Kevin Knight
  • 15:30-16:00 Experience Sharing of JACET National Conference and other international academic conferences
  • 16:00-17:00 Business Meeting

Abstract of Kevin Knight's Presentation: TESOL International Association (or TESOL) based in Alexandria, Virginia in the USA has over 11,000 members worldwide, and over 950 of those members belong to the English for Specific Purposes Interest Section (ESPIS) community network. In the TESOL ESPIS, English for specific purposes (ESP) has been conceptualized in various genre including PowerPoint presentations, online forums, blog posts, webinars, and the ESPIS newsletter. In his presentation, the speaker discusses how the conceptualization of ESP in a PowerPoint presentation titled English for Specific Purposes: An Overview for Practitioners and Clients (Academic & Corporate) (Knight, Lomperis, Westerfield, & van Naerssen, 2010) can be linked to other conceptualizations of ESP in the ESPIS including the following:

  1. five month-long, professional development discussions about ESP conducted online and titled TESOL ESPIS Community Discussions 2011 - 2012,
  2. a virtual seminar hosted by TESOL and titled Principled ESP: Best Practices and Case Studies,
  3. the ESP Project Leader Profiles published from May 2015 to the present on the blog for TESOL International Association , and
  4. a TESOL ESPIS newsletter article titled Stakeholder Buy-in in English for Occupational Purposes Contexts.

These four resources reflect the leaders in the ESPIS who are involved in both English for academic purposes (EAP) and English for occupational purposes (EOP). In connection with EOP, the ESP PowerPoint listed above was informed by a book published by TESOL (Friedenberg, Kennedy, Lomperis, Martin, & Westerfield, 2003/2014), which is focused on workplace training. Accordingly, the conceptualization of ESP in the ESP PowerPoint includes best practices in EOP.

Organization: JACET English for Specific Purposes SIG (Japan Association of College English Teachers) Kanto (JACET ESP SIG Kanto)

Cost: free for all participants, no prior registration necessary

Venue: Tokyo, Chofu, University of Electro-Communications, Building East 1 Room 705

Location: Chofu City, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan


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