ALTTO (ALT Training Online):

EDU Cafe x ALT Agora

Date: Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Speaker: Gaby Benthien (Shumei and Chuo University), Daniel Pearce (Kyoto Notre Dame University), Linfeng Wang (University of Fukui), Nicholas J. Wilson (ALT Training Online)

This month the regular Edu-Café and the ALT Agorà initiatives have joined forces to put together a special event for ALTs, HRTs & JTEs. 2022年1月26日の会は、「外国語教育実践を語り合う会」と「ALT Agora」の共同開催となります。

The title of this event is "Building bridges between team teachers", and it will focus on the dynamics that exist between teachers and assistant language teachers in schools when it comes to foreign language education. During the scheduled 90 minutes, four speakers will introduce the topic, highlight specific points and moderate a series of themed breakout rooms where participants are invited to share their concerns and suggestions based on their experience. An unfiltered discussion between JTE/HRT teachers and assistant language teachers coming from different backgrounds (direct hire ALTs, JET and dispatch) towards mutual understanding and effective team teaching. Other parties involved in education in Japan are also welcome to join and actively contribute to the discussion.

今回は「チーム教師間の橋渡し」と題し、外国語教育に関して、学校の先生と外国語指導助手との間に存在するダイナミクスに焦点を当てます。 90分間の中、4人のスピーカー(詳細は以下をご覧ください!)がトピックを紹介し、具体的なポイントを提示してから、参加者が経験に基づく問題や提案を共有するために一連のテーマ別分科会の司会を務めます。直接雇用のALT、JET、派遣など、異なるバックグラウンドを持つ外国語指導助手と教員が、より幸せで成功する外国語教育の実現に向けて、活発なディスカッションをしましょう。

Organization: ALTTO (ALT Training Online)

Cost: free

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