Saitama JALT:

First Ever Omiya/Gunma JALT My Share Collaboration - Part 2

Date: Sunday, April 14th, 2013 Time: 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Speaker: Michelle Williams, Atsushi Iida, Robert Rowland, Masa Tsuneyasu, Ivan Botev

This session is for VIPs only--Visual Information Plans
by Michelle Williams
Learn in ten minutes what you can do in ten minutes to have your students understand and master complex information. This is not another "You Should Use Pictures" lecture. When she's not teaching, Williams is probably thinking about teaching, or talking about it. Or writing. Or cooking. Or perhaps studying sado. Right now she teaches English at Tomioka Higashi Girls High School in Tomioka, Gunma. She hails from Denver, Colorado, USA.

Writing haiku as a reflection: Beyond extensive reading
by Atsushi Iida
The aim of this presentation is to discuss the use of haiku as a way for English language learning. The presenter will share one of his writing activities in a first-year college English course- writing haiku as a reflection on an Extensive Reading (ER) book. Iida is Assistant Professor in the University Education Center at Gunma University where he has taught first-year and second-year English courses. His research interests include poetry writing in a second language, scholarly publication in a second language and ESP.

Icon Based Assessment for Young Learners
by Robert Rowland
Creating a simple, easy to understand assessment system that language learners can follow to the goals you have set for them can be complicated and frustrating. This frustration compounds when teaching language learners with little or no previous exposure to the language, and then again when teaching young children. This workshop will look at strategies for creating visually attractive icon based assessment systems that are appealing to younger learners. Rowland is a Head ALT Instructor in Saitama City. He leads a team of ALT Instructors who build and assess curriculum and coordinate monthly training sessions to support its citywide implementation, and pilots creation of new curriculum and materials. His interests include translation, student assessment and hiking.

Warm-up Activities For Novice Students
by Masa Tsuneyasu
Warm up activities play an important role in getting students ready to use English. This workshop will introduce various activities: (1) individual work, (2) pair work, and (3) group work. These tasks aim to stimulate students' cognition and schemata. Active participation as well as feedback of attendees is most appreciated. Tsuneyasu is a lecturer at Utsunomiya University. She received her B.A. and M.A. with TESOL at the University of Utah and is currently a doctoral candidate. Her research interest is individual differences.

Collaboration Lessons: Why are they important?
by Ivan Botev
Developing an educational program is not an easy task. Ensuring that program is incorporated in the core curriculum often proves to be an even harder task. Botev will cover some of the ways other teachers and school staff can help you in such an endeavor. Botev, M.Ed. Applied Linguistics, is involved in the Global Human Resources Development (GHRD) Program in Toyo University. He is also an adjunct professor in Ochanomizu University. He serves as president for the JALT Omiya Chapter and also as chairperson for the Nakasendo English Conference this year (NEC 2013). Ivan is a father of two and his interests outside the education field include exploring the beauty of Japan with his family.

Organization: Saitama Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Saitama JALT)

Cost: free

Venue: Kyoai Gakuen College map

Location: Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan


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