Osaka JALT:

A Special Double Session on Translation and Interpretation, co-sponsored by SIETAR Kansai

Date: Saturday, October 24th, 2015 Time: 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Speaker: (1) Shoko Toyokura (Osaka Jogakuin University); (2) Masako Mouri (Kansai University)

(1) Focusing on Increasing the Metaphorical Competence of Japanese EFL Learners through Subtitle Translation by Shoko Toyokura, Osaka Jogakuin University (in English)
Metaphors pervade every aspect of our daily life. Thus, metaphorical competence (MC) is crucial for EFL learners in order to communicate effectively in English. Many EFL researchers claim that a lack of metaphorical competence is typical for classroom learners, and this is caused by their limited accessibility to English in their daily life. In fact, students are rarely given an opportunity to learn metaphors in the classroom situation. The presenter firmly believes that translation and subtitle translation, in particular, can be an effective pedagogical tool to compensate for this disadvantage. This presentation will include an introduction of the presenter?s methodology to enhance the MC of Japanese EFL learners. She will demonstrate how her students developed MC in her subtitle translation class.

Shoko Toyokura started her career with subtitle translation, and is now a translator of many young adult novels. She has also been teaching translation classes including ?Subtitle Translation? at two universities. Her main research interest is TILT (Translation In Language Teaching).

(2) The Current Circumstances and Challenges in Courtroom Interpretation in Japan: The Interpreters' Roles as Cultural Brokers (in Japanese) by Masako Mouri (Kansai University)
The number of criminals who are foreign nationals has increased during the past decades in Japan in step with globalization. Accordingly, many legal interpreters have been hired in various sectors, however, these legal interpreters have not taken any official examinations for certification, nor have they received official training or education to work in legal settings. In fact, every word in translation and interpretation can possibly provide important evidence for the courtroom. Those involved in police and legal work have not understood the role of interpreters as mediators who can help avoid misunderstanding related to language or culture. For many people, interpreters are merely expected to act as word-by-word translation machines. The presenter will discuss the current situation faced by legal interpreters in Japan, and she will propose possible measures to allow interpreters to work as cultural mediators.

Masako Mouri is an assistant professor at Kansai Gaidai University. Her research fields are courtroom interpretation, cultural gaps and language barriers in courtroom examination, and cultural translation. She holds a doctoral degree in Social and Cultural Studies from the graduate school of Nihon University. Q&A will be in both languages.

Organization: Osaka Chapter of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (Osaka JALT)

Cost: JALT Members: free for JALT and SIETAR members and students
Non-members: 500 yen

Venue: Takatsuki Shiritsu Sogo Shimin Koryu Center (1 minute walk from JR Takatsuki Station)

Location: Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan


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