San-in Area Teachers Group:

Survey for New San-in Area Teachers Group

Date: Sunday, December 18th, 2011 Time: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Speaker: Samantha Kawakami

If you're an English teacher in the San-in area, Samantha Kawakami wants to talk about starting a teachers' group. She has created a bilingual survey to start the discussion.

Samantha writes,

    My name is Samantha Kawakami. I have lived in Izumo for almost 4 years. I first came to Izumo almost 12 years ago and taught for AEON. I then moved to Tokyo where I lived for 6 years. In Tokyo, I worked for publishing companies and had lots of opportunities to meet many teachers. After Tokyo, I went back to the US (Michigan) to live near my family for 2 years. This year in April, I returned to Izumo and I plan to stay here! Currently, I am working for a publishing company and teaching English.
    But I also want to start a group for English teachers in the San-in area. I feel that it is very important for teachers to have the chance to meet with other teachers for workshops and to share ideas. This gives teachers the chance to think about what they are doing in their classes and to get ideas that they would like to try out. I think this exchange of information is important for new teachers to get ideas, and also for experienced teachers to continue to learn and grow. I think that without this interaction, it is easy to fall into the habit of always doing the same thing.
    When I worked for publishing companies, I noticed that many bigger cities had these kinds of teacher groups and that publishers would send speakers to the meetings. I also thought how nice it would be to have a group and host events in our area, so we do not have to go so far away and use so much time and money. Having a local group would also allow us to meet more often than just once a year so we can talk about more topics that interest us.
    If you are interested in a group for English teachers in the San-in area, please fill out the bilingual survey I have created. And please feel free to forward it to anyone else who you think might be interested. I am hoping that we can arrange to hold our first meeting sometime around late January, early February.

Organization: New San-in Area Teachers Group (San-in Area Teachers Group)

Cost: free

Venue: This is a pre-meeting online survey.

Location: Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan


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