Linguapax Asia Archive


This is an archive of all of the past events of Linguapax Asia on ELT Calendar.

2012 Archive

June 2nd (Saturday) 2012
Nakasendo Conference 2012: Using English
Speaker: Garr Reynolds, plus many more
Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

2011 Archive

December 3rd (Saturday) 2011
Literacy for Dialogue in Multilingual Societies
Speaker: Various speakers
Location: Mitaka City, Tokyo Metropolis

2009 Archive

June 14th (Sunday) 2009
2009 Linguapax Asia Symposium, Theme: Human Trafficking
Speaker: Various
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis

2008 Archive

October 26th (Sunday) 2008
Language and Propaganda: The Uses of Linguistic Influence
Speaker: Call for papers deadline May 23, 2008
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis

2006 Archive

October 7th (Saturday) 2006
The 2006 Linguapax Asia Symposium
Speaker: Various.
Location: Meguro City, Tokyo Metropolis

2005 Archive

June 11th (Saturday) 2005
The Second Linguapax Asia International Symposium: Language in Society and the Classroom: Preserving Heritage and Supporting Diversity
Speaker: Nineteen confirmed speakers from Europe and Japan
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis


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