Nakasendo English Conference Archive


This is an archive of all of the past events of Nakasendo English Conference on ELT Calendar.

2013 Archive

July 7th (Sunday) 2013
Nakasendo 2013: A Grassroots Event
Speaker: A variety of speakers
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis

2012 Archive

June 2nd (Saturday) 2012
Nakasendo Conference 2012: Using English
Speaker: Garr Reynolds, plus many more
Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture

2011 Archive

June 19th (Sunday) 2011
Nakasendo 2011: The Road Less Traveled
Speaker: Steven Herder, Makiko Tanaka, and others
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis

2010 Archive

June 20th (Sunday) 2010
Nakasendo 2010: Teachers as Learners and Learners as Teachers
Speaker: TBA - see the conference website to learn more
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis

2009 Archive

June 28th (Sunday) 2009
Nakasendo 2009: Paths to Learning
Speaker: Kensaku Yoshida, Sakagami, Schott, Park, O'Dwyer, Head, de Boer, Miles, Pieroway, Lindskoog, Moreau, Gould, Nashimoto, Yearly, Harada, Barfield et al, Sargent, and others
Location: Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis

2008 Archive

June 21st (Saturday) 2008
The Nakasendo English Conference
Speaker: Featured Tim Murphey. Also speaking: Junko Machida, Leander S. Hughes, Mehran Sabet and Kent Hill, Kenneth Biegel, Alastair Graham-Marr and April Morley
Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture


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