Moodle Association of Japan:

MoodleMoot Hakodate 2009

Date: Sunday, February 15th, 2009 Time: Time TBA

Speaker: Call for papers deadline is January 23, 2009

MoodleMoot Hakodate 2009 will be held February 15-16 at Future University, Hakodate, Hokkaido. The first day (Feb. 15th, a Sunday) consists of workshops and presentations about how to effectively use Moodle in educational settings. On the second day (Feb. 16th, Monday morning), developers get together to discuss Moodle, their projects and future plans.

We are looking for Moodle users who would like to talk about their Moodle experiences. We would very much like teachers, students, programmers, thinkers, and theorists... anyone who uses Moodle, to tell the MoodleMoot participants about how they use Moodle and how to use Moodle effectively.

The audience is likely to consist of a few experienced users, some who have been using Moodle for a year or so, and quite a few people who have never used Moodle. The main language of the MoodleMoot will be English, but presentations in Japanese will be most welcome.

The length of presentations will vary from thirty minutes to two hours. In the submission form you are asked to indicate your desired time, however, depending on the number of participants and presenters, you may be asked to present in a shorter time slot.

All Moodle related proposals will be considered, however submissions that cover at least one of the following themes will be preferred:
* An introduction to Moodle for teachers / school administrators.
* Blending Moodle into individual classes or entire courses.
* Configuring a server for Moodle
* Developing third-party features for Moodle
* eDelivery v eLearning with Moodle
* Getting started with Moodle from 'finding a server' to content creation
* How to use Moodle: a workshop for beginners
* Integrating Moodle into educational institutions
* Student experiences of Moodle
* Successful integration of Moodle into (choose your subject) classes
* Tinkering with Moodle for non-programmers
* Using Moodle to support "higher-order thinking activities"
* Using multimedia in Moodle To submit a proposal, see the MoodleMoot Hakodate 2009 Presentation Proposal Submission form (you may "Login as a guest").

Organization: Moodle Association of Japan

Cost: TBA

Venue: Future University, Hakodate, Hokkaido

Location: Hakkodate City, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan


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