ETJ Oita:

ETJ-Oita / Oita JALT Year End Workshop

Date: Sunday, November 29th, 2009 Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Speaker: Simon Weedon, Etsuko Minami, Lindsay Mack, Sean Chidlow

Using Literature to Teach "Empathy" to Medical Students
"Empathy" is an important term in medicine, but it is an abstract concept that is difficult to define, even for native English speakers. This presentation reports on a course that was taught to fourth-year Japanese medical students. The goal of the course was to deepen students' understanding of "empathy" using English readings of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. This presentation outlines the methods and materials used, and the results of a student questionnaire that was given at the end of the course.

Sean Chidlow is a lecturer in the Department of Medicine at Oita University. His field of research is the Medical Humanities. Specifically, he is interested in the methods of using literature to teach concepts that are relevant to the field of medicine.

Using mind maps to promote critical thinking in writing and debating
In advanced English classes where debate, discussion and research papers are used as assessments, students need critical thinking skills in order to succeed in these tasks. This presentation will examine the adoption of a mind mapping software, rationale, that was introduced into and Advanced English II class at APU in order to enhance students writing, and debating skills. Building on the literature of the value of critical thinking mind maps, the authors examine how electronic mind-mapping can be used effectively in the classroom to promote student's debating and writing skills.

Lindsay Mack is a lecturer at APU where she teaches Advanced English classes. Her research interests include: critical pedagogy and academic writing.

Testing your tests do they achieve what you want them to?
Teachers of all persuasions incorporate some kind of testing into their classrooms. But, do the students and teachers always get the maximum benefit from these. The presentation will look at the difference in style and approach for placement, assessment, diagnostic and achievement tests and will suggest a number of approaches designed to motivate students.

Simon Weedon is co-founder of 'E' English School, and teaches at Meiho Junior/Senior High School. He is Coordinator of ETJ-Oita and is a monthly columnist for The Daily Yomiuri.

Classroom Activities for Eigo Note and Beyond
With the introduction of English as a set class for 5th and 6th Grade Elementary School students, teachers are now faced with a unique opportunity, and also a challenge. The presentation will feature a range of immediately useable classroom activities for participants to take to their own classrooms.

Etsuko Minami is Vice Principal of Higashi Wasada Elementary School in Oita City. She is an active ETJ Committee Member with a keen interest in promoting English education at Elementary School level.

Organization: ETJ Oita (English Teachers in Japan) (ETJ Oita)

Cost: ETJ Members: 500 yen
Non-members: 1000 yen

Venue: Compal Hall, Oita City

Location: Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan


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